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Ever visited this church in Pune built in the 1800s?

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Located in the crowded area of Guruwar Peth, the Panch Haud Mission’s Holy Name Church is an unknown historical gem which Pune has been hiding for a long time.

As a Punekar when you start thinking that you know the city well, Pune comes up with some surprises and city secrets which blow you away. The Holy Name Church or the Panch Haud Mission Church or the Pavitra Namache Devalay in Guruwar Peth was one such pleasant surprise.

This Anglo-Christian church is built in Gothic style. The foundation stone was laid in September 1883 and the construction was completed in December 1885, perfectly in time for the Christmas services. When you walk into the church precinct the first thing that you will notice is the impressive 130 feet high bell tower built in red bricks. Due to the height, it is visible from a great distance. There are eight bells housed inside the tower and each bell has the holy name of Jesus cast on it. One of the church’s traditions has been to play the Gospel songs by ringing the eight bells on selected festival days and the national anthem on Independence and Republic days. When you enter the church building, you will notice that it is built in the style of a basilica. The altar is a magnificent structure that contains a beautiful combination of delicately colored marbles and alabaster.

The Panch Haud Mission’s Holy Name Church or the Pavitra Namache Devalay in Marathi conducts its services and proceedings in Marathi. In fact, during Christmas, Christmas carols are recited in Marathi too.

So if you are a history buff, love old architecture or simply like exploring new places in the city, this church should be on top of your list.



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