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Restaurant Review: Koko Scoop

Koko Scoop

Ice Cream

Food: 3.75 | Service: -- | Décor: 3.5

Koko Scoop is an ice-cream and dessert parlour themed around the humble yet delicious coconut. Launched in 2017, Koko Scoop now has two outlets, one in Viman Nagar and the other at Seasons Mall, Magarpatta.


The space is small but well designed. The interiors take inspiration from the food carts and kiosks on the streets of Bangkok. The serving counter is an innovatively designed, thatch-roofed street cart where they assemble the desserts. The walls are covered with artwork and frames and are painted blue and yellow following a beach theme. The seating is fun and the low wooden stools and tables are very quirky and hip. There is a screen which plays a loop video of the process of assembling the dessert to be served in a coconut shell.


The inspiration for Koko Scoop comes from the many carts across Thailand selling coconut ice-creams topped with coconut jelly. Koko Scoop adds innovation to a simple idea of serving just the coconut ice-cream with jelly. Each scoop of coconut ice cream is served on a bed of freshly shredded tender coconut flesh (malai), coconut jelly cubes, condensed milk and a choice of topping. This is beautifully served in the coconut shell from which the malai has been scraped out.

We decided to try all the different toppings on the menu and started with the Dry Fruit Scoop. The crunchy texture of roasted almonds and cashews was the perfect match with the tender coconut ice cream and a great start to our tasting. We followed this with the Choco Noodles Scoop. The noodles dipped in chocolate sauce were reminiscent of the vermicelli (sevaiyya) used in falooda. The combination of the noodles with the coconut ice cream was a bit disappointing and did not go well together. We also ordered the Krunchy Scoop which was topped with choco chips and crushed corn flakes. We really liked this combination and the different crunchy textures worked well. We then moved on to the Jelly Scoop which is topped with liquid filled jelly bubbles which burst in your mouth. All the three jelly flavors (strawberry, blueberry and green apple) were distinct and complemented each other as well as the ice cream. This was probably the best among the lot and highly recommended. Each dessert was served with a glass of refreshing coconut water, which we feel was a great addition. We were really looking forward to trying the Sticky Rice Scoop, as this combination is the closest to their Thai inspiration, but unfortunately it was not available.


Koko Scoop has taken the simple coconut ice cream and elevated it to a whole new level. The ice cream along with all the quirky additions and toppings tastes delicious and the serving style in the coconut shell is fun and absolutely unique. We would love to see more topping options added to the menu.

Must Try Dishes: Jelly Scoop, Dry Fruit Scoop, Krunchy Scoop

Cost for Two: Rs. 200

Address: Shop 3, Ridhi Enclave Society, Ganpati Chowk, Viman Nagar, Pune - 411014

Contact: 8446692020

Timings: 2:30 PM – 11:00 PM

Photo Courtesy: Koko Scoop

Note: The article was first published in Pune Times on 12 July 2019.

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